Elly Huizinga

E-mail:  ehuizinga@hetnet.nl

Graduated from Academy Minerva Groningen (Netherlands) in Painting and Graphics. Besides working as an artist, I have painting classes and give workshops.

After a project, titled: A  100 Seas, I stopped wood printing  and wood curving. Because I want to focus totally on Painting, Drawing and making Photo,s.I am specialized in watercolour, acryl and mixed media.

Since my graduation I have exhibited regular, especially in The Netherlands, but also in Belgium and Germany.

Exhibitions and Projects:

2010           Drawings – Children book  De Mieren

2009           Project : A 100 Seas

VPRO – Drawings

2008           Galerie Pictura Groningen

Grafisch Museum Groningen

VPRO – Drawings

2007           Galerie Geert W. Noord – Sleen

Molen Adam Delfzijl

Galerie Werfkade Hoogezand

Drawings/Texst Kinderboek Wouter Worm

VPRO  – Drawings

2006           Kunsthuis Heerenveen

TEM Galerie Leeuwarden

Galerie Werfkade Hoogezand

2005           Van Berensteyn Veendam

Galerie de Brink Yde

2004           Purmareyn Purmerend

2003           Forma Aktua Groningen

2002          Grafisch Museum Groningen

2001          Galerie Kadans Den Haag

2000          Kunsthuis Velp


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